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50 mm Omnia Wheels and Mounts

The NEW Rotacaster 50mm Omnia multi-directional wheel has been engineered for both floor and inverted applications.  The Omnia wheel can be used inverted in manual and powered conveyor transfer systems, skate rails, pipe rollers and workstation transfer tables. As a floor wheel the Rotacaster can be used as a caster, furniture caster or robot wheel. The Rotacaster 50mm Omnia multi-directional wheel provides the perfect alternative to swivel casters, ball transfers, conveyor wheels and rollers.


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125 mm Wheels and Mounts

The Rotacaster 125mm multi-directional wheel provides the perfect alternative to swivel casters.  The fixed orientation of it's main wheel allows forward and reverse movement without fighting a swivel caster offset, while the peripheral rollers facilitate turning, rotational, lateral and diagonal movement. When navigating turns this also elimates all skipping associated with fixed wheels.


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The Self Supporting ROTATRUCK®

is a revolutionary hand truck that supports the weight of the load so that you don't have to. It reduces the risk of workplace injuries associated with standard handtrucks and directly improves productivity. In October 2009- the Self Supporting ROTATRUCK® won a NSW Work Cover Safe Work Award for 'the best solution to an identified workplace health and safety issue'. The All Terrain version is great for outdoor deliveries.
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Stair Climber Hand Truck

The ROTATRUCK® Stair Climber Hand Truck is easy on your back and on surfaces; ideal for moving heavy or awkward loads such as water heaters up and down stairs. With a load safety strap this truck offers unrivalled maneuverability, protection and load safety.
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Hand Truck Spare Parts & Accessories

Customizing and upgrading your aluminum hand truck is easy with Rotacaster's wheel base conversion kits and Magliner accessories.


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Max Performance Conveyor Rollers

Increase throughput and productivity while improving workplace ergonomics by installing Max Performance Conveyor Rollers in your existing or new conveyor lines. Max Performance rollers provide easier lateral divert and load rotation, better load control (tracking) and increased reliability. This product is an excellent alternative to ball transfers and roller belts.


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48mm Wheels and Mounts

Please contact Magnus at 800-858-7801 for your 48mm wheel and mount needs.

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