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48mm Rotacaster Wheels

Wheel Dimensions (in mm)

Rotacaster's 48mm wheel's patented construction and 360º maneuverability has brought a new level of performance to conveyor transfer and inverted multi-directional movement applications. Simple mounting options make them easy to adapt to existing systems and injection moulded cup mounts provide the perfect alternative to a ball transfer unit. The Rotacaster 48mm omni wheel provides the perfect alternative to swivel casters, conveyor wheels, rollers and ball transfer units.

The Rotacaster 48mm Double Wheel has been engineered for both floor and inverted applications and are a perfect alternative to swivel casters.

Rotacaster Skate Rails are easily installed in a workstation, assembly or conveyor line as an alternative to a ball transfer with easier more fluid product movement. The skate rails are also excellent inverted for a low profile wheel base.

Simple Mounting Options and a range of hubs make Rotacaster's 48mm multi-directional wheels easy to adapt to existing systems.

A range of Accessories is available for your 48mm wheel application.

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