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Rotatruck - For Compressed Gas Cylinder Handling

Rotatruck -- the new, safe way to move gas Rotacaster.


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Assembly Workstation

The 48mm Rotacaster was used to increase productivity and reduce operator effort while installing grommets in radiation shielding. 

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Honeycomb Pallet Turntable

The Rotacaster with straight line tracking provides increased control and movement of pallets down a packaging line.. The reduced rolling resistance of the Rotacasster eliminated the need for a powered turntable.

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Improved Picking Carts

Control on long, straight warehouse runs and maximum  maneuverability improved a picking cart with the installation of the 125mm Rotacaster.

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Max Performance Palletizing Station

A significant ergonomic and productivity improvement was realized with the upgrade of a standard roller conveyor section to a Max Performance conveyor.

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MedialifTV Dollie

Beauty and function combine in a unique flat screen display enclosure.

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Parts Bin Transfer Station

Improved tracking, easy rotation and a quieter workplace were all achieved in installing Rotacasters where ball transfers were proving less than adequate.

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Umbrella Dollie

Moving equipment around an amusement park quickly can be a challenge with unusual surfaces. 125mm Rotacasters are used in a unique wheelbase.

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Australia Post Transfer Table

The forces required to move bulky postal bags was significantly reduced with a transfer table incorporating the Rotacaster 48mm wheel.

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Rotacaster Worldwide Solutions

Rotacaster: The world's most versatile and robust multidirectional wheel.


Rotacasters are a best practice solution and provide a substantial improvement on traditional swivel casters. They deliver excellent multidirectional movement with improved ergonomics. Productivity is increased through better functionality.


View Rotacaster solutions from around the world in Rotacaster Solutions Spotlight.

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